Reia Reia Reia Reia

Based in the idyllic hilly Brda region which is just minutes from its Italian twin, Friuli Collio you can meet Maja and Marko Reia. A father and his daughter making biodynamic wines together. In their vineyards grapevines mingle with cherry, khaki, apricot, and olive trees.

After her studies in Ljubljana, Maja decided to move back home in 2017 to engage in the family business and to make wines with her father. Reia wines are elegant, yet fruity and energetic. Typically for this region, they make an entire line of macerated white wines, single varieties as well as a blend which are usually released after two years. In 2022 Maja also successfully released her first PetNat.

Their outstanding labels are an eye-catcher. The different colours describe the wine, the winery and the region in morse code and were designed in collaboration with Maja’s sisters.

Reia wines are Demeter certified since 2015, and bottled by hand when the trifecta of weather, moon and mood perfectly aligns.

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