Natural wines from central Europe

Karamira is a boutique wine importer and distributor based in Lisbon. It was founded in 2022 by Astrid Karamira, a German native now living and working in Lisbon.

We work with small, family wineries who make hand-crafted wines that are both delicious and characterful. All of our winemakers farm according to organic or biodynamic standards, and work with minimal intervention in the cellar.

Whether you choose to call these wines natural, authentic, artisanal or traditional doesn’t matter. What’s important is that they don’t contain any additives, apart from minute amounts of sulfites. Most of our wines are bottled unfiltered, meaning maximum flavour and minimum processing. We think they’re more enjoyable to drink, and more outspoken in the glass.

We focus on central European wine countries such as Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria. We fell in love with the winemakers and winemaking traditions in these parts of the world during our visits, and we know you will too when you try our wines.

You’ll find our wines in Portugal’s best wine bars, restaurants and wine merchants. Read more about our winemakers here.

If you are a restaurant, bar or shop and you’d like to arrange a tasting or order some of our wines, please contact us.

Astrid Karamira

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