Emeran Reya

Emeran Reya Emeran Reya Emeran Reya Emeran Reya Emeran Reya

The view from the winery of Emeran Reya overlooking their vineyards nestled in the rolling hills of Goriška Brda just behind the Italian border is breathtaking. And it gets even better when Edvard suggests starting the tasting with the Brut Nature on the widely open terrace.

Edvard Reya took the winery over after his father Emeran’s sudden death in 2006. Having to suddenly run the show by himself in his early 20s posed a lot of challenges. Yet, he managed to not only keep the winery going, but also to teach himself how to make fresh and elegant orange wines. Edvard is what could be called an orange wine specialist. He refers to his macerated wines as ‘traditional’ as this is the style in which wines have been made in that region for centuries.

His wines are expressive and characterfully marked by maceration and maturation in wooden vessels. At the same time the style of his wines is rather light and very refined which is also shown in his phenomenal Brut Nature.

In 2016 Edvard converted the vineyards and the winery to organic production. He focuses on Rebula, Friulano and Malvazija, but is convinced that the future lies with Rebula. Some of his vineyards are more than 70 years old.

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