7 Řádků / 7 Rows

7 Řádků / 7 Rows 7 Řádků / 7 Rows 7 Řádků / 7 Rows

Filip Nagy is the winemaker behind 7 Rows.Filip started 7 Rows with two friends and seven rows of wines in Moravia in the Czech Republic in 2014. The initial rows are still there, even though Filip makes grows most grapes in Slovakia these days.

I met the tall young Slovak at the winery overlooking the small town of Devín, just outside Bratislava. When we entered his original wine cellar both our heads hit the ceiling. In this living-room sized little stone cellar Filip hosts 8 small barrels. He has a sweet spot for Qvevris which he buried in the garden and covered with glass lids. His wines are lively, expressive, of high quality and simply delicious.

Filip is sometimes referred to as the Wunderkind of Natural winemaking in Slovakia. He is also the winemaker at the Slovak winery Zlatý Roh (Golden Horn). Filip works organically and is currently transferring to biodynamic farming.

The colour-coded labels with the dice design are easy to recognize and his wines are usually sold out.

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