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VINAS MORA - Kaamen III 2021

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Winemaker: Vinas Mora

Style: An elegant, complex and vibrating full-bodied red wine. With its perfectly balancing acidity, dark fruit flavours and a salty finish it takes Babić to the next level and is a beautiful expression of terroir.

Grape variety: Babić (100 year old vines and very small yield)

Alcohol: 12,5%

Organically grown and hand harvested grapes from vineyards that are more than 100 years old. These grapes represent a very special selection of Babic from mountain top locations. After being fermented on the skin for 5-6 days, 40% of the wine is aged in used oak barrels. The rest remains in stainless steel. The wines are blended back together shortly before bottling.

Recommended drinking temperature: 15 - 16°C

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