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NABOSO - Doma 2021

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Winemaker: Naboso

Style: A bright, serious and silky orange wine with medium body and perfectly balanced acidity and tannins. Doma means home - a feeling this wonderful gives you.

Grape varieties: 50% Welschriesling, 20% Grüner Veltliner, 20% Red Traminer, 10% Red Sylvaner

Alcohol: 13%

Organically grown and hand harvested grapes. The 20% destemmed grapes and 80% grapes with stems are fermented on the skin for two weeks. After pressing, the wine is aged for one year in neutral acacia and oak barrels where it undergoes malolactic fermentation.

Recommended drinking temperature: 12 – 15°C

Interesting fact: The labels of the wine change slightly every vintage as the wine also changes its character slightly. While the background colour remains the same, the face of the person is different every year.

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